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Problem with record(save) custom field in class Trouble Ticket Analyst comment though front-end

We created our own new page (with other UX) and name it NewApp. When user fill out the form on the old page he receives the notification on the email with the link to the old page where the form is.

But faced with the problem that if user use new page the email notification contains also the link to the old page.

We implemented a solution below to divide this notifications for old and new page:

We are trying to save Workitem with method "save" ( .localhost/ServiceRequest/Save). We extended class 'Trouble ticket analyst comment' by adding one our own field (isNewApp) and trying to write this field with comment 

AppliesToWorkItem = { 
"Title": "Analyst Comment",
"IsPrivate": false,
"EnteredDate": nowTime,
"LastModified": nowTime,
"Description": data,
"Site": 'isNewSite',
"isNewApp": true,


Problem: field 'isNewApp' remains "false" and we can not save it as "true"

Here is the link to our another ticket where we are trying to solve the same problem but with the help of standard tools of SCSM:

Or other way that we asked with support team

"I create notification with class Trouble Ticket Analyst Comment. But I need have additional criteria sent notification only Parent workitem has field which a not null. Example I extended class service request field "category" and I want sent notification Trouble Ticket Analyst Comment when this field in parent workitem is not null it is possible? I add this criteria but notification not worked, in attachments is a screen maybe I'm doing something wrong?"

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