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Notification Template Changes - Help!

Kirsty_EndeKirsty_Ende Customer IT Monkey ✭

Hi everyone, me again!

I have just added a hyperlink (leading to a customer feedback mechanism on our intranet) saying "Give us your feedback" to the bottom of the Affected User/IR/Resolved and Affected User/SR/Completed email templates.

The IR template has updated and works fine but the SR one isn't updating at all (not even with squiffy code).

Things I have checked:

  • The subscription for this is pulling the correct template.
  • The subscription is enabled.
  • The code doesn't have any errors.
  • The Cache Builder has been restarted.

This is what it should look like (an it does for IRs that are completed):

This is what it comes out with for SRs:



This is the line of code that I added after "click on the link to reply":

<p style="font-weight: normal; color: #333; font-family: Arial; font-size: 14; line-height:125%;"><a href="http://intranet.erc.insider/article/8945/ICT-Customer-Feedback?ticketNumber=$Context/Property[Type='CustomSystem_WorkItem_Library!System.WorkItem']/Id$">Give us your feedback</a></p>

As I say, it works perfectly fine for the IRs but the SR template is not updating at all, regardless of what I change. I even added a full stop after a word and it didn't update either.

Is there something in the code that is different for IRs and SRs that I'm missing?

Or could it be that somehow the subscription isn't picking up the correct template somehow? I think it is...

Any help would be much appreciated, I'm at a loss and despairing now...

Many thanks!


  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Your code snippet by itself is properly formatted. But my guess there is something in the entire template causing an html error. One thing you can try is copy all the contents from the template and save as template.html then open in a browser with dev tools. See if you get a error. This should point you in the correct direction to fix.
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