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Notify Analyst issue

Josh_WinnJosh_Winn Customer IT Monkey ✭
I am having a weird problem with my Notify Analyst emails. 

When they are sent out the emails are not being populated with the SCSM code. Seel below

But I installed the Test Template into my SCSM from this forum 

and when I test the template it shows up correctly, see below

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    Josh_WinnJosh_Winn Customer IT Monkey ✭
    OK, so my issue was that I was not using the right classes. Thank you for providing the link!

    I am still having an issue of pulling in the correct ID for the ticket. The ID tag for the notify template is pulling a different ID than the new ticket incident id. Below is an example of the ID that is showing for both, and the code I am using for each

    From notify ticket id = bb076a25-6d72-4cd0-9cbf-357cb31f4072



    From incident ticket id = IR171982


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