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History of SR missing after a certain date

Isabella_MichelIsabella_Michel Customer IT Monkey ✭

I have a question. A user submitted a ticket regarding accessing his service request history. We use cireson as a sort of software approval workflow and this individual is able to go into their tab and see a bunch of submitted requests but he cannot go past a certain date. However, when searching up an old request number (of the ones he can remember) he can find it. 

I am a bit new to this system so I hope this question isn't too vague. Let me know if I need to elaborate on anything.

Thank you for your help!


  • Nicholas_VelichNicholas_Velich Cireson Consultant Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi Isabella,

    Service Manager will groom older Work Items from its database after they have passed their retention period. If your user is unable to find items older than a certain date, it is likely they have been groomed from Service Manager. If so, you would only be able to view those older items via a longer-term reporting tool such as Cireson Analytics or the Data Warehouse.

    Retention time settings can be viewed in the console under Administration -> Settings -> Data Retention Settings.

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