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Adjusting the Timing of SR Closure After Child Activities Completed

James_TottenJames_Totten Customer IT Monkey ✭

Good morning,

We are trying to ensure that resolution information entered on Manual Activities are appended to the resolution of the parent SR. Most of the time, we have it working, but there have been a few instances of the SR completing and sending the completion notice to the end user before the MA resolution can be synced. The result is the end user getting a blank e-mail. We think this could be resolved by expanding the time between MAs completing and the parent SRs syncing and auto completing. Does anyone have any insight as to where settings like these might be found?



  • Nicholas_VelichNicholas_Velich Cireson Consultant Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    Hi James,

    How are you copying over the MA completion notes to the parent SR? If you did this using a Runbook Activity or PowerShell activity as the final activity in the SR's workflow, then the SR would not complete until the copying has been completed, and hence no email would send prematurely.



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