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SLA Notification Extension v1.0

IT MonkeyIT Monkey O.G.
edited May 2016 in Cireson Uploads
This custom extension will perform a search against incidents assigned to the logged in analyst and display 5 items in each incident form that have applied SLAs to them.
It will choose the first 5 results showing only breached and warning state SLA

v3.6+ of the Cireson Portal

Add the following lines to your custom.js file located in the CustomSpace folder of the Cireson Portal website directory:

/* Incident Tasks */
app.custom.formTasks.add('Incident', null, function(formObj, viewModel){  	
     formObj.boundReady( function () {



Below this code in the custom.js file, you will need to paste the contents of the ext_SLAReminder.js

Save your custom.js and then refresh your browser

None required.


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