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Create Change Request

When using the New button at the bottom left, you have multiple options for incident & request (New Incident, Quick Create, From Template), but for Change you only can select 'From Template'.

It would be nice if we can use this, to create a more detailed list of standard change templates.
We want to avoid users will use the Standard Change template for the wrong changes.
In the pane, now containing 'From Template', we would like to list the type of changes: Minor, Major, Standard, Emergency.
Minor, Major and Emergency will open the Change Form instantly.
But for standard changes, we would like to use a pane to list all sorts of standard changes (Firewall Change, New DNS Entries, New Instance of a database,..)

This means we would like to have this flow for Standard Changes - fe New DNS Entry.
New > Work Item > Change Request > Standard Change Request > New DNS Entry

And this one for Minor, Major & Emergency:
New > Work Item > Change Request > Minor Change

Or is there another way to list Standard Changes?
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  • joivan_hedrickjoivan_hedrick Cireson Consultant Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    The list of templates displayed is based on the scoped CR templates that are located in SCSM  > Library > Templates. Here, you could create a new template for something like 'Standard Change ' new DNS Entry', along with other standard change templates. Would something like that work? 
  • Peter_SettlePeter_Settle Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    I have prefixed all the Change templates in order to get them to  appear in the list , in the order that I want them displayed.

    Major , Minor & Emergency have a * preceding the name (Title) in order to maintain them at the top of the list.

    The standard changes then have the word standard at the start of the title

    e.g. Standard - DNS Change , Standard - Disk Space - Increase and so on.

    The templates then appear in Alphabetical order.

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