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Service Manager Offering Layout Disappearance

Good day.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this happen before and what they did if so. My assumption is probably not, and that there is nothing I can do other than "just make the change and see what happens" but I figured I'd check in here first in case there's something I can do ahead of a possible offering breakdown.

The issue - I have a service offering I need to update with a new user prompt, which will give the user a dropdown box to select from, providing more information to the analyst in this type of request. The offering was created a few years ago and was created with a number of user prompts, split over 2 'Pages' within the Layout section. When I go to make an amendment to the offering now, the entire Layout section is empty, with no fields assigned to any page. And so I am afraid that if I go in now and make an amendment, and hit SAVE, the entire offering is going to break, because it certainly won't be the first time offerings have glitched and broken.

There's no reason that I / we know of that would have cause this layout to disappear as it has.

And my first thought is to just reconstruct the layout, SAVE, and hope that works OK. But in my experience offerings have broken in Service Manager for much less.

Has anyone seen this happen before?

We are running Service Manager version 1801.


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    Thomas_GahleitnerThomas_Gahleitner Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Has maybe someone edited the request offering by just "double clicking" (or clicking on "Properties) with the Standard-Editor previously?

    We have experienced the same problem for ROs created by using ARO and being edited by the normal Editor... (and had to rebuild the Layout.). Happened quite a few times when we started using the Cireson Portal.. :)

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    Shane_WhiteShane_White Cireson Support Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Martin_McNulty

    Which version of ARO are you on? We had a bug similar to this recently, which portal version are you on?



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