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Cireson Releases the New Free User Device Affinity App for Configuration Manager

Julie__FellerJulie__Feller Member IT Monkey ✭

Adding to their growing collection of Configuration Manager focused solutions, Cireson releases a new free app for more fluid user to device management.

PR Newswire// San Diego// June 28, 2016 - The User Device Affinity app from Cireson now allows administrators, help desk staff, and other users the ability to easily search, view, edit, and manage user-to-device relationships outside of the Configuration Manager Console.

This app solves the common issues experienced in user device affinity configuration, and the complications that often arise. With over a half dozen ways to associate users to computers – some automated and most manual, mistakes can be many. According to Wally Mead, Principal Program Manager at Cireson, “The Cireson User Device Affinity app easily allows an administrator to view and manage the relationships between users and devices. With this app, we’ve done away with the complexity and confusion by taking the process out of the Configuration Manager Console. Now, it’s really quite simple.”

With the User Device Affinity app, you can easily:

·       View existing user-to-device relationships

·       Associate new users to existing devices

·       Remove users from existing devices

·       Add new devices to existing users

·       Remove devices from existing users

·       Search and filter users and devices for management of UDA relationships

·       Launch Remote Manage in the context of a computer

This User Device Affinity app joins the other incredibly popular Configuration Manager apps offered by Cireson, including the free Remote Manage and Ticker apps. To download, learn more, or to schedule a demo, visit the Cireson website here.

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