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Tasks pane list order and analyst view vs user view

Adrian_MataiszAdrian_Mataisz Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
edited June 2016 in General Discussion
I'm new to js code and trying to understand why on the 2 Cireson servers we have the Task list show tasks in different order compared to the other server. How do you change the names of the tasks. Also for end users I have an extra task on one server compared to the other. 

Can you get me to the right direction? I looked at custom.js file and some others but I don.t see any difference between the 2 servers we have. Thank you!


  • Lasse_Strand_RingvolLasse_Strand_Ringvol Member IT Monkey ✭

    This is typically done in the custom.js file found in the CustomSpace folder.
    E.g: C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\CustomSpace\custom.js

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