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Cireson Demo Lab

Anders_SpaellingAnders_Spaelling Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
I just installed this and was a bit disappointed as it is running UR3 and Cireson Portal v3.7 and the license keys expired.

Any plans for updating this? I really like the premise of a plug'n'play demo lab with lots of realistic data.


  • pzergerpzerger Partner Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    Anders, we stopped updating this offering some months ago when we announced the Cireson Cloud Trial. The Cireson Cloud Trial contains not only a superset of the data we offered in those VMs, but is always up to date with our latest production releases. It also comes with a detailed trial guide. 

    Would you like someone to arrange access for you? If so, ping me at pete [AT] cireson.com
  • Anders_SpaellingAnders_Spaelling Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    That sounds great. It is actually for a colleague, so I will let him reach out to you.
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