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Set up Survey App after Install

Sam_NguyenSam_Nguyen Customer IT Monkey ✭

My organization has never fully set up the Survey App since years past. Now, as I took over learning Cireson, I've run into gaps of understanding in things that were half-built (templates, subscriptions, etc.). Since I can click in the Survey App in the portal navigation settings, I assume it was previously installed correctly.

  1. Below is an existing subscription with a template containing the survey link. Is it set up correctly? In additional criteria, I do not understand the 'changed to' send survey = true line. We currently use another "Incident Resolved" subscription with a different template, so this survey one appears to be unused/not working.
  2. Relating to question 1, is this the only way to relate a work item to a survey? When going to survey templates in the portal, I see a test survey that an old worker previously created. Looking at recent results, I see the GUID of user information and related ticket. Does this mean this test was successful somehow?

Any info about setting up, configuring, deploying surveys or the survey app in general would be appreciated. I tried these KBs but am in loopholes of confusion. Thank you.

1320 Reference: Details about Survey for Cireson Portal

1307 Install: Survey for Cireson Portal

1318 User Guide: Email Links to Surveys from Work Item Notifications (cireson.com)

2627 User Guide: Add-In - Feedback Survey (cireson.com)


  • Geoff_RossGeoff_Ross Cireson Consultant Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Sam_Nguyen

    Sorry for the confusion. We'll take a look at that.

    This probably is due to the fact that we have two solutions.

    1. Survey App (Older and now replaced by...)
    2. Feedback Survey Add-In (New)

    Focus on this article

    User Guide: Add-In - Feedback Survey (cireson.com)

    and the blog which covers setting up Emails


    Also, the "Send Survey" is a customer property someone has added in your instance at some point. Are you trying to send a survey request on every ticket?


  • Sam_NguyenSam_Nguyen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Geoff, I had no idea there were two different solutions.

    Looks like our portal version, 8.12.6, won't be compatible with Feedback Survey since it requires 12+. However, we are in the process of finally upgrading and will add this to our list of implementations.

    Regarding your question, we want to send a survey request every ~5 tickets but I couldn't find whether that is possible. If not, we can send it on every ticket.

    If we wish to use Survey App in the meantime, how do we set that up? and can we? What does the above subscription do, and is it built correctly?

  • Sam_NguyenSam_Nguyen Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Hi Geoff,

    Circling back on my previous question above. Do you know what the above subscription does? What does the "Send Survey=True" criteria mean?

    Not sure if it's best to start over or pick up from this "half" created setup. Thanks

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