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New User Centric App for Configuration Manager from Cireson Reduces Risk of Over-Licensing

Today, Cireson announces the release of its newest free Configuration Manager solution – the User Centric app. This free app was created to assist companies with moving towards the Microsoft vision of user centric software delivery. With this new tool, organizations can now avoid a common issue that leads to sprawl and over-licensing – something that often occurs when software is installed where it doesn’t need to be. The Cireson User Centric app allows an admin to easily identify which applications are ready for user centric software delivery, and for those that aren’t ready, automatically add the requirement to the application to support user centric software delivery.

Inspired by customer feedback, the Cireson team wanted to solve the problems that are tied to the Configuration Manager requirement rule that prevents running an application deployment type unless the admin is on a primary device. This step is often missed by administrators. Now, the User Centric app helps provide that final piece of the puzzle to effectively support user centric software delivery. By implementing the free app, which helps with the management of user to device relationships, a user can more easily and effectively prepare a Configuration Manager environment to utilize user centric software delivery. Commenting on this release, Wally Mead, Principal Program Manager explains, “One of the common problems with deploying software is that users tend to install available software on too many computers, which leads to application sprawl and affects license costs for the applications. The User Centric App helps control application installation by giving the application deployment manager confidence that the applications targeted to users should only be installed on the user’s primary device, rather than every computer that the user might happen to log into. This is a simple, but very effective, app to help the admin more confidently deploy applications to users.”

Key App Features:

  • Directly integrated into the Configuration Manager Console
  • Quick and straight forward installation
  • Identify applications that are ready for user centric software delivery, as well as those that are not
  • Easy expansion of applications to view all deployment types
  • Select appropriate deployment types to be configured for user centric software delivery
  • Supports Configuration Manager’s role-based administration

To learn more and download the free User Centric app, visit the Cireson site here. Also, view all the free community apps for Configuration Manager and Service Manager here.

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