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Table of contents for Analyst Content in KB articles

Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
I did not see this requested yet.  Analyst content can have as many or more headers than end user content, but does not appear in the TOC.  Can we change this?  Just having "Analyst Content" to cover it all isn't as helpful as it could be.
44 votes

Completed · Last Updated

This was completed some versions ago, and was a small change that can be found in the release notes. If you have a problem with this still, it's now supported.


  • Chris_JordanChris_Jordan Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    I have found myself creating end user knowledge articles because of this, so +1.
  • Steve_O'ConnorSteve_O'Connor Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Totally agree on this one. Our Analyst content is often way more complex and would really benefit from having a table of contents
  • Dakota_GreenDakota_Green Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I had to do a second take on this, because I thought if you could create an Appendix in End User Content in a KB article, you can do the same with Analyst Content. Lo and behold, you couldn't! So yes, I too +1 on this!
  • John_VrabelJohn_Vrabel Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Agree, table of contents for Analylst Content would be nice.
  • Thomas_HesseThomas_Hesse Customer IT Monkey ✭
    TOC for Analyst is even more important. Please add this function in the next release.
  • Thomas_VielhaberThomas_Vielhaber Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Totally agree! This feature would be very helpful
  • Wolfgang_SchmidtWolfgang_Schmidt Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    it would be great to have this feature implemented! so +1
  • Silas_SulserSilas_Sulser Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    We have a few hundred KB articles on Cireson Portal.

    About 90% is analyst content and the rest of 10% is enduser content.

    We would love to have that function and can not really understand why it is only for enduser content available.....

  • Gerhard_GoossensGerhard_Goossens Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I just fell into this trap... Will be awesome for the analysts to scan the TOC and just click on the area of interest.
  • Silas_SulserSilas_Sulser Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I cannot understand how this feature request is over one year old and there's still no fix/update for that.
    38 People are looking for a solution which has already been implemented on another part of the console, but it is still not possible to apply that feature to another part in their own product....

    Same story here: https://community.cireson.com/discussion/1261/clean-print
    In my eyes these are very basic functions which are totally mandatory....

    Please forgive me for my rage, but I can absolutely not understand that.
  • john_doylejohn_doyle Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    We do not support modifications to the code of the portal, but a TOC could be added to the Analyst Content with a little modification of the JavaScript on the portal.

    First you have to add a TOC to the kb template, C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\Scripts\ng\kb\view\kbViewView.html

    Change the code from line 116:
    <nav class="sidebar-nav" ng-if="isAnalyst && article.AnalystContent">
    You also need to edit the directive, C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\Scripts\ng\shared\directives\tableOfContentsDirective.js

    Change the code on line 25
          var currentId = "heading-"+id+"-"+scope.contentClass;

  • Thomas_VielhaberThomas_Vielhaber Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks John, that worked for me, but I suppose as soon as we run an update of the Analyst portal, we need to make sure, that this modification will be implemented manually afterwards, right? Or is there any plan to implement that solution in one of the next builds?



  • john_doylejohn_doyle Cireson Support Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    @Thomas_Vielhaber , yes an upgrade will overwrite this modification to the file.

     Is there any chance we could have this feature incorporated into the product?
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm obviously not Seth, but this seems like such a quick win with a big positive impact for a significant number of customers.
  • seth_coussensseth_coussens Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    I've added this for release in 8.3, which will be available in January.
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fantastic news!
  • Silas_SulserSilas_Sulser Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    @john_doyle many many thanks for great solution!
    @seth_coussens thanks for integrating that feature in 8.3. I really appreciate your help!

    I'm excited about all of your help :)

  • Thomas_VielhaberThomas_Vielhaber Customer IT Monkey ✭
    @seth_coussens thanks for the great news!
  • Gerhard_GoossensGerhard_Goossens Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    @seth_coussens @john_doyle
    Thank you for the quick solution and fast tracking it into production. 
  • John_VrabelJohn_Vrabel Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Yay!  Now how do we get query result selections to actually show what is selected instead of just highlighting.  This feature is something that Microsoft has out of the box, i was really disappointed that this feature wasn't in the Cireson Portal and hasn't been put in place via new releases.  I hope I am mistaken and it's in one of the current releases, i have not investigated.
  • Silas_SulserSilas_Sulser Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    I just wanted to thank you for implementing that in one of your last releases, I really really really like it!
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