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Calculated Fields

Leigh_KildayLeigh_Kilday Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

Solutions for calculating fields have been problematic for us. For example:

  1. Something that should have been as simple as each WI type having a priority matrix requires scripting and inefficient "update" monitor actions in Orchestrator. Priority should be calculated in real time on the form on all WI types.
  2. Duration fields in CR are not calculated by SCSM, even though they exist as field placeholders. This works well for RR.
  3. Our process states that the highest Affected Service priority = default Incident impact. Once again we're running an "update" monitor activity to find this.
  4. Activities have no context of their parent WI while in the table views. Without a tree view of child activities in the table views (suggested already), we are having to append the title of the WI to the end of the activity title.

All of these things except #2 require remote PowerShell connections back to the single Primary Workflow server. #2 has no solution as far as I'm aware. With the load that goes through our system I have had to increase the max shells per user to 200!

I would love a solution that could cater for the above requirements and not kill the primary workflow server's CPU.

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