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Option on CI prompts to Not Preload results

Its confusing to end users to have a text filter and then a second filter. Would be much easier if there was a prompt config in the ARO that tells it to NOT preload the results and force user filter to search.
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    Michael_BaldryMichael_Baldry Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    This is by far the most common feedback we've received on the CI prompts. People get very confused about how to use them, since it isn't immediately apparent that you need to select an item from the box after filtering. Having this option in place (and possibly automatically selecting the only remaining item if they filter it down to 1) or changing it to a combobox (like the "Create Request on behalf of" box), would be far more intuitive for single-select lists. 
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    Greg_WojtkunGreg_Wojtkun Premier Partner IT Monkey ✭
    The issue here is for form prompts that query a large list of CMDB objects. 1. it hurts performance a bit, 2. takes a few seconds to load, and 3. Takes up real estate on the page. 4. In order to be able to select from 5000 plus objects, as an example, you need to ensure all of those pre load so you need to change the setting of "Grid View Cap" to 5000+, etc. 

    So - the smart thing here is just to add an option under prompt config in the ARO of  a simple check box that says "Do not pre load results" and thus this will force the user to use the filter box that is already there rather than the current workaround of having to set up a filter question before it and then use a token. 
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