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Outlook Console not working

Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
I have installed the new version of the Outlook console. It connects to the server with no problems. When I go to create a ticket, it will flash on the screen and then vanish. The form shows empty on the taskbar but it wont display on the screen and you have to x out to close. I have the SM console installed and I have removed and reinstalled the Outlook Console. Does anyone know how I can fix this as its currently inoperable.


  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    That is typically a user profile issue that the object is opening on a different screen that is not available.
    Example Laptop when connected to external 2nd monitor vs just the laptop LCD. I have it happen all the time on my laptop. If another user (fresh profile) logs into the box do they have the same issue?
  • Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Im testing it before I roll it out to IT. I do have multiple monitors that I work from. I dont have any custom scaling. I select an option from the Create tab. I select the type and template. The ticket flashes quickly and vanishes. I see the ticket is open when I mouse over Outlook or Alt-Tab but its just an empty window that you cant open, you can only X out.  When you close it you get the All data entered will be lost box and you Yes to close it out. It will do that for Create and Edit tasks. You also cant create from an email.
    I will setup another profile and see if i have the same issue
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ok so you are seeing a input box on the screen that you can interact with, just the box is blank of all options. That typically is a mismatch on the MP version. You will want to make sure the matching MP versions are installed in the console.
  • Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Its the correct MP installed yesterday
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Since installing have you opened the console on the local workstation?
    Have you cleared the SCSM cache on the management servers?
  • Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
    The console has been open on the local workstation. Which server cache needs to be cleared?
  • Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Thanks Brian, 
    I will give that a try after hours
  • Brian_WiestBrian_Wiest Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    So while you wait you can double check two other things.
    One in Outlook click the toolbar settings make sure the version shown in the header matches your management pack ver.
    You can also delete your local MP cache found at C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\System Center Service Manager 2010

  • Bryant_RichardsBryant_Richards Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I am on the correct same as my MP and I deleted the local MP cache but same issue
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