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Review Activity Description text to include Affected User

Hello Everyone,

This may be a basic question. I have this simple scenario.

  1. User John Smith opens a ticket to request access to URL.
  2. We prompt him to answer 3 questions where we need his input.
  1. Cireson creates a ticket for Affected User John Smith.
  2. Cireson inserts a Review Activity to approve John’s request with the owner of the requested URL.
  3. This Review Activity has a Description text auto-generated using the data from prompts answered by user.
  4. This is mockup how the Description text of the Review Activity is constructed in Advanced Request Offering editor.
  1. So its easy to insert user [Prompt] into text using Multiple mapping in Advanced Request Offering
  2. But than we have to MANUALLY delete the placeholder text ######### and type out the 'Affected User'
  3. Is it possible to insert data that is not a user [Prompt] but rather a global ticket property like 'Affected User'
  4. Instead of ######### id like the Cireson template to auto-fill in ticket property 'Affected User'

Is it possible somehow ? Instead of using only [User Prompts] to also insert [Ticket Properties] ?

Thank you very much



  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2021

    This currently is not possible within ARO, however...

    • ARO or not, I've handled this in the past by defining the general outline of my Review Activity Notification through Notification Templates. It would include the Affected User, Parent Work Item title, etc. because all requests would have these values. In the middle of that Notification Template, I would insert a generic "Notes" or "Comments" property from the RA class. You could also extend the RA class to have something like "Email Notes". Then in an RO/ARO I would pipe all of the unique customization for the request (in this case your URL prompt and others) into that field.

    This would address what you're after while maintaining some standardization, but still giving you flexibility on a per Notification basis.

    Alternatively if this is something you and others are interested in, we can convert this thread to a feature request?

  • jodi_waldjodi_wald Member IT Monkey ✭

    I would like to be able to map affected user information into the Description or Title of the Service Request.

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