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SMA Connector lost the configuration

Wolfgang_SchmidtWolfgang_Schmidt Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

Good morning,

I have a problem SMA connector downloaded from Cireson. I have installed and configured correctly. Credentials were accepted. I am defining my first Service Request using SMA Activity. All time, when the Service request includes this SMA acitivity, I give the credentials, I connect to SMA Portal, I can select the Runbook and I set his paramentes but when I save the configuration, the Runbook configuration is missed.

I receive this message: "Changes saved succesfully, but some field(s) have been changed by another user(s) or process(es)".

In this point the Runbook Information is missed. Do you know this problem?


  • Wolfgang_SchmidtWolfgang_Schmidt Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    After to remove all and reconfigure the connector, I can finally configure the complete workflow. But now, when SMA activity is executed, I have another error "12.09.2016 08:20:45 (UTC) - Execution of the job failed.
    Failed to obtain encrypted credentials, please check the related connector configuration"
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