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How to configure Team Requests View when having multiple domains and forests

Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

We use the Self-Service Portal (now v5.0.8) for quite a while now. Unfortunately, the Team Requests view do not show a single object, for none of the configured users/groups. Configurations have been done months ago, all groups/users are synchronized.

The Service Manager and the Portal reside in a Management Domain. There, we have local Domain Groups for all kind of purposes. Example: L-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer. In the resource domains, there are corresponding global Domain Groups with the same Name, i. e. G-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer. These global groups are member of their respective local Domain Group in the Management Domain CI.

My regular user account is member of the G-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer group. I can see requests in My Requests (I'm the affected user) in the portal, but the Team Requests view is empty. Not even my own requests are listed there. Within Admin Settings in the portal, Team Request View Groups, the group L-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer has been added. In Navigation settings, Team Requests, the same group L-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer has been added (it's not a public view).

The same groups work perfectly for the configuration of the Team Works view, when I'm the Assigned User. Me and my collegues who are all member of the G-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer group can see all incidents being assigned to our group. All teams can see their Team Work view, but none of the same teams nor groups from HR can see requests in Team Requests.

What's wrong with the configuration? Do I have to configure the Team Requests View for Public? Anything else I'm missing? Does the nesting of groups from different Domains not work for Team Requests view? My CacheBuider log has errors "Group not found" for the G-SCSM-Incident-WindowsServer group and all other global groups of the resource domains but these groups are nowhere used, they're all nested within their corresponding local Domain group in the Management Domain.

Thanks for your help.


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  • Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    I'll wait until I can install version 6.0 to see whether it's working or not.
  • Ingrid_GlatzIngrid_Glatz Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

    Today I've seen that Incidents (work items starting with IR) are displayed in the Team Request view when the affected user belongs to the same AD Group as my account. But all my Service Requests (starting with SR) are not visible in this Team Requests view, but only in My Requests.

    Is this the issue that will be solved with the patch 5.0.9 or Portal 6.0 or am I missing a configuration that differs between IR and SR work items?


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