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Improve IP/Subnet Matching Algorithm

We assign a 16 bit (i.e. /16) aggregate network to our data-centres. We then sub-net into various VLAN’s which can be of varying bit lengths (e.g. /24, /28). At the moment we have to enter 150+ subnets, whereas with the proposed change we would enter in 1 subnet.

Remove the pattern matching of computer IP information against subnet mask as this is not always correct. Either use only the range specified (or use a CIDR algorithm).

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    Bradley_SavielBradley_Saviel Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    Also... included in this request should be the ability to prioritize subnets for matching purposes, or prefer subnets with a longer bit/subnet mask (i.e. smaller subnets).

    A real life example:
    A laptop may be connected to both a wireless and wired network. The wireless network spans multiple floors in a building and is a larger subnet (i.e. /20). The wired networks are for each floor and are a smaller subnet (i.e. /24). Currently Asset Management will fail subnet matching, with an error, that there are multiple subnets. This enhancement would prevent that from happening.

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    Frank_RosenbäckFrank_Rosenbäck Customer IT Monkey ✭
    And also log wich subnet is matched when multiple subnets are found
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    Frank_RosenbäckFrank_Rosenbäck Customer IT Monkey ✭

    and whe could not find a location wor hardware plz add the ip(s) that is being looked for

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