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Consumables - allow user to have more than one of same consumable

Yesterday we had a request come in for two usb drives. Unfortunately, we cannot manage this within our consumables because it does not allow us to assign the same consumable to a specific user twice. 

The request is to perhaps have a column that we can put a number into of how many of each consumable a specific user has. Now of course, in most cases, a user will only need one of a specific consumable. Like a keyboard or a mouse. But in the rare case that they need more than one of the same consumable, we need to be able to flag that somehow.
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This is now available with v8.5 of Asset Management and v11.1 of the portal - https://cireson.com/blog/cireson-portal-for-scsm-v11-1-release/


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    Simon_BradleySimon_Bradley Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Is there an answer to this? In these days of "I need a keyboard, mouse and monitor for working form home" to say nothing of everyoen needing 2 monitors, this is becoming a must-have.

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