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Cireson Community - How do I register?

IT MonkeyIT Monkey O.G.
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The Cireson Community has two ways to register to start contributing and earning points to becoming a Super IT Monkey just like me!

1) Being a Customer \ Partner with Support Portal access

You already have access for being awesome! If you already have the support portal open your profile will automatically appear as an option, otherwise just hit sign in to be redirected to the portal login page to login and be taken back to the community page.

2) Lover of System Center and Cireson, Connect with your Linkedin profile

You can still access the Cireson Community without being a customer or partner, just login by pressing the Linkedin icon and enter your details.

Introduce yourself!

Don't forget to update your profile with a picture for other fellow community members to see, this can be done from the activity section of your profile:

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