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How Skill A.S. Enhanced User Experience with a Custom, Graphical Shopping Cart using the Cireson Por


With Microsoft Service Manager, the Cireson Self-Service and Analyst Portal, and Cireson Asset Management solutions, Skill A.S. created a user-friendly shopping cart experience for their end-users to request hardware and software from the Service Desk. Just as you would go to your favorite website, browse products and add them to your shopping cart for purchase, end-users can go to the Skill A.S. Self-Service Portal, browse images of available hardware and software, and add what they’d like into their shopping cart. The entire process is automated so items added to the cart create service requests to be tracked and fulfilled.

Watch Cireson and Microsoft MVP Jan Vidar Elven, of Skill A.S., in a deep-dive of their solution, including:

The idea, vision and, background of the Skill A.S. shopping cart
Technical requirements for design and implementation
A live demonstration of the shopping cart
How to get started with self­-service automation


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    Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    During this presentation there was discussion that more information would be coming on the shopping cart solution - is this still in the works?
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