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In Version 6 All Cireson Asset Classes are placed under "Configuration Items", this is a big No.

Dennis_de_JagerDennis_de_Jager Customer IT Monkey ✭
When you want to link some Assets together, you can't specify to filter a specific Cireson Asset class anymore, it is all placed under Configuration Items.

So when I want to link on standard to another standard, i need to search in Configuration Items, Standard is not in the classes list anymore.
If I want to link a Cireson Asset Location to something I need to search that Location under Configuration Items. There is however an entry for Location, but you won't find anything in there.

I can't explain this to my coworkers

Cireson you broke this. Please fix ASAP.

We were planning an upgrade to 6 but it is on hold for now, doing Asset Management thru the Portal is broken.
Or is there a hidden "AllowCiresonAssetClassesFilter" I can set to True?

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  • carrie_medinecarrie_medine Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hello Dennis,
    You should be able to find assets by performing a search using the default "Configuration Item" class :

    The CI picker was modified to only show classes that are abstract classes, this was necessary to resolve some bugs and performance issues. 

    Using v6.0.3 you can add a custom form definition to target a specific class such as below with Software Assets:
                           {   name: "Affected Software",
                                type: "multipleObjectPicker",
                                PropertyName: "HasRelatedWorkItems",
                                ClassId: "81e3da4f-e41c-311e-5b05-3ca779d030db",
                                PropertyToDisplay: {DisplayName:"Name"},
                                Scoped: true

    sa.PNG 30.3K
  • Dennis_de_JagerDennis_de_Jager Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Carrie,

    Just now I had to search a Standard called Infrastructure and had to search through 63 pages of Configuration Item Results. I have never seen any performance issues in the old version or improvements in the new version. 

    As I said, the functionality is broken now.

    Making specific relationship parts on forms is also not doable since you there are over 30 Asset classes.
    So I have to make a lot of those if I want to link stuff together.

    At least give us an option to turn it on, because functionality precedes performance.

    Thanks for your quick reply though.

  • AJ_WittenbrinkAJ_Wittenbrink Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
    I am in agreement with Dennis.  We try to enforce our analysts to only use Cireson classes or a custom class.  Causes some extra work to prepare for CAB meetings and reporting.
  • Dennis_de_JagerDennis_de_Jager Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Today I discovered that this way of doing Cireson Assets generates another issue.

    When an Analyst in my company makes a new Hardware Asset, it's not available in the search options until the CacheBuilder syncs Config Items.

    So making a Hardware Asset and then immediately linking it to a Work Item is not possible through the normal ways.

    My guess this is fixed in version 7.4.3 as stated in the release notes, but I have not tested that version yet:
    • PR60564 - Asset Classes not appearing in the the config item search box
    Can somebody running that version please confirm that the newly made Assets are available immediately?
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