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Run LifeCycle App via cmd line.

As part of a fully automated release management process, it would be very hand to be able to run the tool via the cmd line.

There are a lot of settings to pass in as parameters so maybe it would be sensible to be able to save settings into an exportable config file which would be passed in as a single parameter.

For example: this could be triggered via workflow / runbook as part of a release record workflow, once all Review Activities have been approved.
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  • Rod_MartenRod_Marten Customer IT Monkey ✭
    To elaborate, the default settings are in an XML file.  So two command line arguments.  1 to tell the tool to execute without further user intervention (like the /Silent switch in the SCSM install).  A second argument could provide the name of the XML config file.  That way if there are different types of deployments, you could just create multiple config files and identify them at runtime.  Then lastly, return an error level if it fails.

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