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Adding 'Active Directory User or Group' class CIs

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We have an odd situation whereby our AD connector has created some user CIs in SCSM using the 'Active Directory User or Group' class.  We have no idea why this has happened as it has only happened to 28 accounts and there doesn't appear to be anything different about them.  Even more strange is that this is in our production environment and in our test environment the same AD connector has created the same accounts using the more usual 'Active Directory User' class.

Anyway, we are where we are and the problem we now have is that the cachebuilder only seems to pull in CIs of the 'Active Directory Class' so these users are unable to access the portal.

I tried manually creating (using SQL) accounts for these users in the dbo.CI$User table which appeared to work initially.  However, they soon disappeared again as I assume the cachebuilder removed them.

My question is, is there a way to manually get these accounts into the portal db so that the users can access the portal?

The sledgehammer approach would be to delete the CIs from the SCSM db and have the AD connector re-sync them in the hope that it creates them correctly.  I'd like to avoid doing this if possible as some of the accounts have a large number of relationships that would be lost.

Thanks in advance.

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