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Using Asset Import with AD across multiple domains

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This is a follow-up to an earlier question, re-posting separately since the original question was answered.  https://community.cireson.com/discussion/1447/ad-extended-properties-with-asset-import#latest

Using %DOMAIN% works great if you mean to use the same domain that your server is in, but it does not work if you need to connect to a different forest and specify a different domain.  Running the job with a RunAs account from that domain does not help.

Are there other variables or other ways to construct this?

For example, my management server is in DomainA.  Some of its users are in DomainA, some are in DomainB.  The OOB active directory connector works great for bringing those users and groups from DomainB into the CMDB.  However, when using the Asset Import connector to get extensionAttributes for users in DomainB, it fails because %DOMAIN% will only translate to "DomainA", which means that there is no match to any CI's in DomainB, because Domain is one of the key fields for the objects.  If there was some way for us to force a value of "DomainB" (by using quotes, escape characters, etc.), that would solve this.

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