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How to add the proper link of a Service Request ID into a notification mail

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I would like to send the link of the Parent Service Request ID within a notification for a Review activity, so the reviewer can open up the SR in the Portal. What's the correct class of this ID and how to add it to the template?

My link looks like:

<p>Link to Service Request: <a href="http://xxxx.yyyy.ch/ServiceRequest/Edit/?????????">http://xxxx.yyyy.ch/ServiceRequest</a></p&gt;

I've tried the work ID of the "Has Parent Work Item" to replace the question marks as place holders but the link in the mail only contains "http://xxxx.yyyyy.ch/ServiceRequest/Edit/" without the ID of the parent SR. This of course causes an error on the Portal page when clicking the link.

I also cannot find the proper class items to add the affected user to the same template. I've tried the "Affected User" FirstName and LastName properties, but the field is empty.

"You have been assigned a Review Activity from . We need either your approval ...."

I'd be glad to get some help which class items to add to have a proper template which allows the reviewer to open the SR on the Portal and to have all required Information in the mail.



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