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Notifications in a Multi-lingual Environment

Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
Greetings again Cireson Community,

Our organization is on the cusp of rolling out the French language within our production SCSM/Cireson Portal environments and there continues to be one problem that plagues me and I simply have not been able to find the right "fix" for!

When creating the notifications, I've put all of the required text and elements into both the English and the French (Canada) language options in their respective translations. With my test accounts I've ensure that the locale is set on the User CIs within SCSM, however, the notifications absolutely refuse to send with the list values translated to the correct language. 

I've tried with multiple accounts to no avail and have tried restarting services, etc. with no success to date. This is not holding back our implementation as for now we have removed the list values from the templates but I would really like to find a fix for this that will allow us to match the notifications spot on for the two different translations.

If anyone has any suggestions of what else I could try or where I might be missing something, I'm all eyes and ears :)

Thanks everyone!

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  • Brett_MoffettBrett_Moffett Cireson PACE Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Does the rest of the portal show in French?
    The available locales should be loaded either when you install the portal, or as an additional setting made after the install.
    If these are not available then no language will be changed and the easiest way to tell is log on with an account that should be sent to French and the portal should appear in French.
    If this is NOT happening, then the portal is not configured correctly.

    here is the KB article that talks about the settings you require: https://support.cireson.com/KnowledgeBase/View/1172#/

    I hope this answers your question.
    If not, it may be a bug and we will need to investigate further. Log a support incident if this is the case.
  • Jonathan_BolesJonathan_Boles Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Brett_Moffett, the portal displays fine after they set their preferences in the user settings. We are only seeing the system ignore the language when sending the notifications where the notifications should be picking up the User CI's locale based upon the field set in SCSM and send the appropriate version of the template but everytime it's sending it, the list values within the notifications (Ex: Urgency: Critical) are showing in English. (Ignore Mountain Time circle - that's not related to this)

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