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Slow Performance

Gabe_MarkowitzGabe_Markowitz Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hello Everyone,

We are seeing extremely slow performance when using the Outlook console application. Usually takes around 15 seconds for the add-in to connect once outlook is fully opened.

Clicking on My Active work items can take up to 1.5 minutes or longer to open the window and an additional 30 seconds to 1 minutes to load the work items.

I've tried pointing the add-in to several of our console management servers (not the workflow server) using the load balancer address and going direct to the management server without any luck. I've also added AV exclusions without any luck.

Are others experiencing extremely slow performance when using the add-in? We are almost to the point of giving up on using the add-in.

The service manager console is extremely responsive so I don't think there is a performance issue with the application.

Below is the high level arch of our environment. All running in Azure with a 10GB Express route back to our corporate network.

2 for console connections (Consoles connect using load balancer)
2 for the Cireson web portal (All portal connection go through load balancer).
1 workflow server
1 Data Warehouse management Server w/ reporting services and Analysis services for the OLAP cubes installed
1 Always on 2 node failover cluster for the Data Warehouse DBs.
1 Always on 2 node failover cluster for the Operational DB.


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