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Permissions needed for reviewers in Portal


We are rolling out the Cireson Portal to end users and have started using the review activities in Service Requests to gather Manager and service owner approvals. Many of these are regular users and do not have any admin or elevated privileges in SCSM other than those required to submit Request Offerings. We send approvers an email with the link directly to the review activity eg: <server name>/ServiceRequest/Edit/SR####?activityId=RA####&tab=activity

I have a problem with permissions for approvers though. When user A submits a Service Request and User B is assigned as a manager/business approver within a review activity, User B gets this when clicking the above style link:

I'm not sure what permissions are missing from SCSM/portal. I have left the Approve and Reject blank so all users can perform the activity:

Can anyone advise on permissions?




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