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Has anyone else noticed inconsistencies when re-promoting views to the Analyst Portal?

Martyn_FearnMartyn_Fearn Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭

I have a number of views that have been promoted to the Analyst Portal.  I recently decided to add an addition column to some of these views.  When I then re-promoted the amended views I was asked if I wanted to update the existing view.  After answering Yes to this I noticed that some of the views had correctly updated and some hadn't.

I have found the only way to resolve this is to completely delete all trace of the view (from the console and portal) and re-create it from scratch.

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this and found a less drastic solution.

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  • Steffen_DobritzSteffen_Dobritz Member IT Monkey ✭


    Is there a progress about re-promoting views for cireson portal? It takes an effort always to delete and create a view again or change the ID of the view via xml.

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