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Navigation Settings - Making a link visible to selected AD group only

Jarrett_FaulkJarrett_Faulk Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hello Everyone,

I was asked by our support tech to add a link to the self service portal that opens a blank new incident request.  So i added the link through the navigation settings menu, set the new link to visible and added the AD group that the tech accounts are in.  I just launched the self service portal as an end user and discovered that the new incident link was visible.  It doesn't do anything when you click on it but I know if i leave it as is i'll be inundated with calls about why this link does work.  I hopped on the global support page and looked over the document and as far as i can tell this shouldn't be visible to the end user account.  

If anyone has any hints, tips, tricks, hey do this instead options i'd greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you.

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    Jarrett_FaulkJarrett_Faulk Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Well I let the portal sit over night and this morning, as expected, the link was still there. I looked over my notes and discovered at one point I had set this link to pubic. I removed the link, added it back with just the AD groups that were needed and as far as I can tell the link will no longer be visible to the end users. @Leigh_Kilday
    was onto something with the caching.  

    Thanks Leigh.
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    Ryan_MurphyRyan_Murphy Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    One of my co-workers built a workflow around a service request that actually clears the cache of the portal. So whenever we want to clear the cache we just open that service request.
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