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Prevent date/time from being offset by user's regional settings

We have a few forms with a date picker in it. When you choose a date, a time is being added. This is always set to 0:00 (or 12:00AM in US culture). The user will usually not change this time as it isn't relevant for the requests. When submitting the request, the date in the SCSM console is set back an our or two, depending on daylight savings, or more when in a different time zone. This affects the automatic confirmation mail, in which the displayed date is a day before the selected date (as 0:00 or 12:00AM minus 2 hours changes the date).

I believe SCSM sees everything as UTC. I'd like to have the option for the portal to not translate the date/time, but to make sure that the selected date is identical to the date being saved in SCSM, like the MS portal does.

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    Daniel_ClarkDaniel_Clark Customer IT Monkey ✭

    The option for the portal to not translate the date/time was requested in 2017. Why has this not been added to the latest version of portal?

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