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SCSM View slow - Service Level Status

Dan_StyanDan_Styan Customer IT Monkey ✭
Currently when we look at an incident view with only 51 tickets, there is a massive delay and lag when scrolling around.

If I remove Service Level Status from the view then the speed returns to normal and is quite quick, but then if I put it back it bogs down.

Any ideas?


  • Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Is this the SCSM Console or the Portal... can you confirm if publishing said view from SCSM Console to Portal, the results are the same?
  • Dan_StyanDan_Styan Customer IT Monkey ✭

    This is within SCSM console itself so not web view.  We have greater power over the views using the console so it's not published.

  • Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Are you using a custom type projection with only the relationships you need for criteria and displaying?
    As recently stated by @Nicholas_Velich
    If you or anyone reading this is unfamiliar, a type projection (sometimes referred to as a combination class in the console) is a grouping of relationships to a base class/module (ie. Incident, Service Request, Hardware Asset). The Portal/Console will load every grid/form using a type projection in order to bring over relationships it needs that are not part of the base class. For example, "Affected User" and "Assigned User" are brought over in many type projections for the Incident Class-- if you wanted to view or update either of these relationships, they would need to be included in the type projection. Ideally, type projections include only the relationships you need because even if not shown on a grid/form, a grid/form will still pull every relationship specified in a type projection (can lead to slowness if bringing over many unneeded relationships for many items).

  • Dan_StyanDan_Styan Customer IT Monkey ✭
    The views we have is Incident (Assigned and Affected User) so I don't think thats everyone, I previously setup Incident Advanced but that offered too much and slowed things down.
  • Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Hmmm, this is most likely a design limitation with SCSM itself.

    1. Can you confirm the computer with the SCSM Console installed has Region and Language > Administrative > System Locale set to English (United States) (In case the Localization is causing a slowdown, ENU is Language Code SCSM fully supports, unlike "ENC".  Important for Enumerations)
    2. Is SCSM and the Console on latest UR?  Ex. SCSM 2012 R2 UR9
    I notice there is a decent delay but it is due to it having to query the additional relationship(s) since there could be more than one and then it has to calculate it.... Converter={cvb:CustomColumnGetSLATargetStatus}

    I added this property to a view, exported the management pack and copied the xml:

    <mux:Column Name="SLAStatus_4c4adb0b3f134ae28767e57619150465" Width="120" DisplayName="SLAStatus_1629039d567844fdb6bb5535805428fa" Property="Status.DisplayName" DataType="s:String">
             <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
     <Image Grid.Column="0" Source="{Binding Path=$Id$, Mode=OneWay, Converter={cvb:CustomColumnGetSLATargetStatus}, ConverterParameter=Image}" />
     <TextBlock Grid.Column="1" Padding="5,2" Text="{Binding Path=$Id$, Mode=OneWay, Converter={cvb:CustomColumnGetSLATargetStatus}}" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" TextWrapping="NoWrap" />

    Side Note:  SCSM Console uses "System.WorkItem.Incident.View.SLAProjectionType" for Incidents views "Service Level Breached" and "Service Level Warning" which has some criteria to filter the results, but even if they are copied and the custom column "Service Level Status" is added it will slow down just the same, this proves no type projection can avoid slowdown when using it.

    I suppose if you are advanced enough in SQL, you could create a SQL Table Widget on the Cireson Portal with a custom query which does all the filtering and calculations in one go.

  • Dakota_GreenDakota_Green Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017
    Getting this moved over to the Service Manager sub-forum for proper visibility and labeling.
  • Dan_StyanDan_Styan Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Sorry,

    I'm a big confused at what your saying.  If I remove Service Level Status from the view everything is fine, with it added then it slows down massively.

    I setup multiple views as I wanted it to be like this, so what do I need to add to fix the issue for all the views?

    All open tickets

    Server Team
    All Server Team Incidents
    - Joe Bloggs
    - Joe Bloggs 2

    Network Team
    All Network team incidents
    - Joe Bloggs 3
    - Joe Bloggs 4

    Server Team



  • Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    I have replicated your issue.
    There is no fix available for the SCSM Console.
    Unless someone codes an entire new view editor which allows direct SQL queries, the most feasible thing to do is to create a SQL Table Widget on the Cireson Portal with a custom query which does all the filtering and calculations in one go.

    Limitations define reality.

  • Dan_StyanDan_Styan Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Oh sorry I see now.

    Do you know if there's a way to remove the graphic?  I highly doubt it's that causing it but worth a shot.

    If I look at My Active Work Items, the graphic is much smaller and no lag at all, even though it's displaying exactly the same data
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