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Upgrading SCSM and SCO to 2016 - anything to be aware of?

Leigh_KildayLeigh_Kilday Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
Are there any dependencies on upgrading SCSM and SCO? Is there an ideal sequence, and why?

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    fe_fefe_fe Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I'm still planning on what exactly to do.
    I prefer migrating without doing any in-place upgrade.

    I'm planning to spin up new servers for all, but, I'm not sure if I'm able to restore backup from SQL 2012 on SQL 2016,  maybe clean it up like this really old guide from MS and install 2016 SM MS.
    I have no idea if that will work, any ideas or suggestions?
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    Leigh_KildayLeigh_Kilday Member Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭

    Not sure why I didn't see this earlier. Microsoft now supports SCSM 2016 with SCO 2012.
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