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Microsoft Service Manager: Operational Lifecycle Best Practices (APAC)


With just a handful of Service Manager best practices in place, you can get ahead of the curve and rid yourself of any headaches that arise when dealing with development, production, and testing environments.

Whether you’re looking for process improvements such as standardization and automation, you'd like to conduct a system health check, or to migrate from Service Manager 2012 to 2016, the Cireson Lifecycle Management app can help. 

In this webinar we will cover operational lifecycle best practices to see how you can let go of the complication, and get streamlined with ITIL in 2017.  Join our System Center experts to explore: 

  • Best practices for development and testing environments
  • Ways to minimize risk when moving from one environment to another  
  • ITIL best practices for change management and continuous improvement
  • A look at how the Cireson Lifecycle Management app can help automate management efforts
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