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Optimize multiple object picker when Scoped is TRUE

Conner_WoodConner_Wood Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
Hello All,

I recently needed to go ahead with custom list filters and I stumbled across a performance issue when setting Scoped to true on a multipleObjectPicker that uses Custom/Cireson Asset Enums.

Basically hitting OK to enter objects into the list after searching and selecting them will cause the webpage to freeze if you have 5 Hardware Asset Objects as having Scoped set to true tries to compare against each Config Item list without trying to do this asynchronously. Having Scoped set to false yields a far better response time. Therefore I'm requesting performance optimization.

/** TAB **/
	name: "Asset Relation",
	content: [
		customFieldGroupList: [                          
			name: "Business Services",                                
			type: "multipleObjectPicker",                                
			PropertyName: "HasRelatedWorkItems",                                
			ClassId: "1d870aa6-edb4-7d13-3950-d3c73755d6bf",
			PropertyToDisplay: {DisplayName:"DisplayName","OwnedByOrganization":"Owner","Classification.Name":"Classification", "Status.Name":"Status"},                                
			Scoped: true
			name: "Hardware Assets",
			type: "multipleObjectPicker",
			PropertyName: "HasRelatedWorkItems",
			ClassId: "C0C58E7F-7865-55CC-4600-753305B9BE64", 
			PropertyToDisplay: {DisplayName:"DisplayName", "LocationDetails":"LocationDetails", "SerialNumber":"SerialNumber", "ModelEnum.Name":"Model", "HardwareAssetType.Name":"HWType"},
&#09;&#09;&#09;<font color="red">Scoped: false /* This speeds up the list as it won't try to filter on other lists which Cireson needs to optimize severely as there is noticeable delay - solution == multi-threaded. */</font>
&#09;&#09;&#09;name: "Software Assets",
&#09;&#09;&#09;type: "multipleObjectPicker",
&#09;&#09;&#09;PropertyName: "HasRelatedWorkItems",
&#09;&#09;&#09;ClassId: "81e3da4f-e41c-311e-5b05-3ca779d030db", 
&#09;&#09;&#09;PropertyToDisplay: {DisplayName:"DisplayName", "LocationDetails":"LocationDetails", "ManufacturerEnum.Name":"Manufacturer", "LicenceStatus.Name":"Licence", "SoftwareAssetType.Name":"SWType"},
&#09;&#09;&#09;Scoped: true

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  • Jaime_PalazuelosJaime_Palazuelos Partner IT Monkey ✭
    Totally agree, we have 23000 users and groups that we are using on a multiobjectpicker, and the time difference loading it is 22 seconds, which makes it unusable.
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Agreeing with @Jaime_Palazuelos here, for what appears to be the same reasons.  If you want your CMDB to be robust and useful, you can't discourage users from interacting with it.  We are having to limit our synced classes far more than I would like to, to compensate.
  • John_VrabelJohn_Vrabel Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Has this issue been resolved yet? 
    We recently added the same scoped multiobjectpickers to our service requests. Now, all service requests take 10+ seconds to load, where as before it was only a second or two. 

    We recently found some code to hide the tab with service requests if they aren't related to assets, but the loading still occurs, so it's not really a solution. 
    Is there a way only load the extra tab code on specific requests? We would be ok if only the asset related service requests had this increased load time.
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    We almost exclusively use the ROToolbox customization for multipickers now, except for picking classes that do not have many objects or when it is absolutely necessary to have the table/filtering of the out of box picker.  So while I am honestly unsure if this has been improved, I have a recommendation in case it hasn't been.  :) 
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