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Parsing JSON Failed

Hi All!

So ran into a new problem today. Intermittently my end users are receiving an error when attempting to add attachments to work items from the portal attached is a screenshot. The error is "Parsing JSON Failed" it seems to only happen with .eml "Outlook files" and sometimes .png files. Has anyone ran across this problem and been able to resolve? Thanks for the help.


  • CrobertsonCrobertson Member IT Monkey ✭
    edited March 2017

    I Forgot to attach the screenshot of the error please see below.
  • John_LongJohn_Long Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Hi @Crobertson , we had this issue before. We suspected it was related to our load balancer configuration, specifically relating to sticky session handling. I'd also check out the permissions on the portal's temporary directory, C:\inetpub\CiresonPortal\App_Data\TempFiles. I think I remember having a permissions issue before that was interfering with file upload when we installed the portal first. That was way back on v4 I think.

  • CrobertsonCrobertson Member IT Monkey ✭
    maybe that's it I had to move the CiresonPortal directory files to another drive for our infosec team and re do all the security for the files and folders. I'll give the app identity write permissions to that directory and see if it resolves.
  • David_JohnsenDavid_Johnsen Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭
    Old thread, but in case anyone is having this issue. 
    We've just had this and it was a simple one, the disc space on the web server was zero, assuming the issue is that it cant then save to the temp folder.
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