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Rick_HancksRick_Hancks Customer Adept IT Monkey ✭✭
As I look for ways to improve the efficiency for the analysts taking calls and using Knowledge, I struggle with the current Knowledge portal and the way the articles are presented in the portal.  We, like others I assume, have many knowledge articles that have both Analyst content and User content with the Analyst content differing from the User content within the same article.  Right now when an analyst opens an article, the User content is displayed first and the analyst has to scroll down through the User content to get to the Analyst content.

If would be preferred that the order of the content would be presented based on your role.  Analysts would see the Analyst  content first and then User content.  Or maybe going back and displaying each article type in a separate tab, but still defaulting and showing the Analyst content tab first.  Doing one of these approaches would save the analysts time by not having to scroll through User content.        
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