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How to assign Users to Cost Centers


There are hundreds of projects in the company. All the assets purchased are assigned to particular employees that are involved in projects. Our accountants would like to track the assets per project, so they are considered to be the Cost Centers.

The issue is that I cannot find the connection between User and Cost Center in Cireson AM. - When user changes his project (almost everyday assignment change procedure) the assets assigned should change the Cost Center as well. Manual change of asset assignment seems pretty time consuming and may cause mismatches in asset management.  

Are there any options to build this connection to perform it automatically? 


  • merlenette_jonesmerlenette_jones Member Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

    I would advise against this:

    • Cost Centers – these are the business units or divisions that you want to track assets by. Cost centers can be associated with many of the asset management data classes for tracking purposes
    Therefor is a person changes projects and the cost center also changes, you will lose the association of the cost center to the asset. 

    I think it would best serve you to have a conversation with our Consulting team so we can advise you on your AM configuration
  • Kostiantyn_BukovetskKostiantyn_Bukovetsk Customer IT Monkey ✭


    That would be great If assets move to another cost center automatically. The accounting just need to be notified about change, so they will assign related the costs for another BU/cost center. Actually that was one of the requirements from their side.

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