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SCSM Ticker App manipulating the XML

Hello Community,

i wrote a powershell script that add announcements from the Cireson Portal to the XML-File of the Ticker app. The XML got an update with correct syntax but the client did not show the announcement. Is there anything to do? Does the ticker app only works if i change or create inside the console?


  • Philipp_SchäferPhilipp_Schäfer Member IT Monkey ✭
    Is there any command or something else i have to do to start the workflow?
    Or would it be better to create the announcement via powershell inside scsm?
  • Philipp_SchäferPhilipp_Schäfer Member IT Monkey ✭
    I have done it now via a SCSM command. 
    The Ticker works but do not display any text. Do you know why this can happen?
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