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SCSM Upgrade - What to do with the MPs?

Greg_TateGreg_Tate Customer IT Monkey ✭
Hi all,

I'm planning our upgrade to 2016. Is there a helpful article that advises on the sequence of operations? For example, looking to know if I upgrade SCSM first, followed by the Cireson management packs. Or do I first remove the Cireson management packs, perform the upgrade, and then introduce the Cireson management packs for 2016?

We're using general version 5.0.10 for the portal. I'd like to bring it up to date as well. Should we upgrade SCSM first and then update the portal?



  • Nick_LugoNick_Lugo Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I'm looking for an answer to the exact same question.
  • Chad_AusterberryChad_Austerberry Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I'm looking for an answer to the exact same question.
  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    1. Upgrade SCSM first
    2. Then upgrade your management packs
    3. Upgrade the portal last
    Note that your portal may not function (correctly?) between the first step and the last, so plan for some outage time, obviously.

    I had all my MP's, DLLs that need to be copied, and the Cireson installer staged and ready for after the SCSM upgrade, so it only took a few minutes to take care of all the Cireson apps.  If you tackle each one individually, it can take quite a bit longer, but it will work just the same.
  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

    So you install the 2016 Cireson MPs right over top of the 2012 MPs, and this works for all Cireson Apps?

    I am just starting my planning, and from all I have read from Cireson, they sugest a migration rather than in place, but I am trying to keep my mind open to both, so we do not lose Microsoft Support if we run into a failure.

    Another question, on a Migration type upgrade, is there any way to migrate the Data Warehouse Data from the 2012 DW to the 2016 DW so we don't have to report on 2 DW's?

  • Tom_HendricksTom_Hendricks Customer Ninja IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭
    Not every approach is right for every situation, so as I am explaining the upgrade approach, I am not suggesting that a migration approach is "wrong" or "worse" in any way.  It is simply different.  They each have their own pros and cons.  If you have a consultant working for you who thinks the pros of migrating outweigh the cons for your environment, and you trust them, then I would take that advice and run with it.  :)

    To answer your question about the upgrade path, yes.  You install the 2016 MP's right over top of the 2012 R2 MP's.  That is what I did, and it accomplished what I wanted it to.  I followed Microsoft's upgrade guide when performing the steps as described above.  There was no loss of data and no loss of support.

    When we upgraded, I did not have to worry about your next question.  The SQL Server upgrade was painless, while the SCSM DW upgrade was less so.  It worked, but pay close, explicit instruction to each step and cut no corners.  My Prod environment was a breeze to upgrade (relatively speaking) but my lowers had issues with the upgrade that caused me to wipe out those DW's and start over, which was very easy.

    Again, this does not mean that migrating would not be a better choice for you, and I am also curious about whether the DW can be migrated rather than upgraded.  I simply want to present another potentially viable option that worked well in my particular case.
  • Bill_CrumBill_Crum Customer IT Monkey ✭

    Thanks Tom.

    I am going to build up my test environment to match my production environment, and test this extensively :).

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