Issue with Template Connecting to SMA Connector

Robert_AutenRobert_Auten Customer IT Monkey ✭

I am trying to getup SMA Connector in our DEV environment.  I have the SMA Server configured, Azure Pack Server configured, installed the SMA Powershell Module on the SCSM server, and the Cireson SMA Connector installed on my SCSM Server.  I have imported the Management Pack, Created the SMA Connector, and configured my license.  I have been able to use Azure pack to create a few runbooks. 

I now am trying to create a request that kicks off one of the runbooks.  I am creating a template based off the SMA Connector.  Under Runbook, I am selecting the SMA connector and when I put in my credientals I get the following error.  Has anyone ran across this issue before?


  • Robert_AutenRobert_Auten Customer IT Monkey ✭
    I would also like to point our we are running SCSM 2012 and our SMA servers are 2016.  Would that be part of the issue?
  • Robert_AutenRobert_Auten Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Something else is that if I add the Helper DLL reference to a C# application, RunbookWorker is not a member of the Runbook class.  So the question is, why is SCSM trying to find this object that does not exist?
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