Issue with Template Connecting to SMA Connector

I am trying to getup SMA Connector in our DEV environment.  I have the SMA Server configured, Azure Pack Server configured, installed the SMA Powershell Module on the SCSM server, and the Cireson SMA Connector installed on my SCSM Server.  I have imported the Management Pack, Created the SMA Connector, and configured my license.  I have been able to use Azure pack to create a few runbooks. 

I now am trying to create a request that kicks off one of the runbooks.  I am creating a template based off the SMA Connector.  Under Runbook, I am selecting the SMA connector and when I put in my credientals I get the following error.  Has anyone ran across this issue before?


  • Robert_AutenRobert_Auten IT Monkey ✭
    I would also like to point our we are running SCSM 2012 and our SMA servers are 2016.  Would that be part of the issue?
  • Robert_AutenRobert_Auten IT Monkey ✭
    Something else is that if I add the Helper DLL reference to a C# application, RunbookWorker is not a member of the Runbook class.  So the question is, why is SCSM trying to find this object that does not exist?
  • Kristoffer_StormarkKristoffer_Stormark IT Monkey ✭
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    Did you find a solution to this ? 

  • Robert_AutenRobert_Auten IT Monkey ✭
    Yes I did.  If you are running SMA 2016 servers, you must run SCSM 2016 with the Cierson 2016 connector.  SCSM 2012 with the Cierson SMA 2012 Connector does not work with SMA 2016.  The Cierson SMA 2016 Connector is not supported with SCSM 2012 so therefore we have to upgrade to SCSM 2016 as well.
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