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Upgrade Portal with Custom Dashboards

Omar_Al-OmariOmar_Al-Omari Customer IT Monkey ✭
we are in the process of upgrading our Cireson Portal from version to 7.4.2012.3
However, we noticed that when we upgraded the testing environment we lost all customizations related to our custom Navigation Nodes and custom Dashboards.

To explain more, we created many new dashboards and many navigation nodes to internal and external content, however when we did the upgrade all these customizations lost. I verified that they are even not available in the database anymore.
it seems that the option to "Install Database" during the upgrade will totally remove the old database and install a new one without keeping customizations. we cannot deselect the "Install Database" option because the portal will not function properly as the warning message says and as explained by the support team in other threads.

So is there any way to keep all these customizations without recreating them manually in the database one by one.

Note: customizations in the CustomSpace folder are working fine as expected. my concern is about database related customizations.



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    Joe_BurrowsJoe_Burrows Cireson Devops Super IT Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Omar

    Customizations in the database do get kept with the install database option kicked, as it updates the existing database rather than delete (Otherwise no1 would ever upgrade ;)).

    Are you sure the correct name was specified for the database when upgrading as ive seen this happen when customers are unaware they are using a custom name, they run the install and rather than it upgrade customname-db it deploys a new default servicemanagement db.

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    Omar_Al-OmariOmar_Al-Omari Customer IT Monkey ✭
    Hi Joe

    I can confirm that we are using the same database. Please note that I rebuilt the testing environment and did the upgrade again to 6.0 then to 7.4.2012.3 and noticed the following:
    • The entries related to our custom dashboards and navigation nodes are kept in DataSource, ViewPanel, and DisplayString tables
    • The entries related to our custom dashboards and navigation nodes are missing in NavigationNode table only
    • We didn't face the issue with the navigation nodes that were created using the Portal GUI. we faced the issue only with the navigation nodes that were created using SQL queries.
    As a workaround I used an Insert SQL statement for each navigation node and that solved the problem. I am wondering if there is anything wrong we did or if we can do any action to avoid this behavior when we upgrade the production environment

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