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Comments on jobs when the Affected User is already a Analyst

Sharon_SpearsSharon_Spears Customer Advanced IT Monkey ✭✭✭

I have a question... how to deal with users who are analysts, but still log jobs and want to add comments to jobs (as the affected user of the job).

For example, I have a job, where I am the 'Affected User' its assigned to another team member.  But when I add a comment to the job (technically acting as the affected user) it still puts my comment down as 'analyst comment' in action log.

This is an issue, as I have automatic emails setup to be sent to analysts when and 'end user' comment is triggered on a job.

Technically I'm the end user (affected user) of this job, but my comments aren't going to the Assigned user, they are coming to me because the action log has recorded the comments as analyst not end user.

How can I resolve this, as its very much about to be a much broader issue, with a number of service teams becoming analysts, but they will still be at some point the affected user (end user) of their own submitted jobs to other teams.

Thanks, hope this make sense


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