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An SMlets based Exchange Connector



  • Adam_DzyackyAdam_Dzyacky Product Owner Contributor Monkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Bug fixes + an amazing new feature = v1.8 and v2.2 of the SMLets Exchange Connector out now!

    Predict Configuration Items: Last year Azure Machine Learning was brought into the connector to predict Work Item Type (IR/SR), Support Group, and Classification of a New Work Item. So it only makes sense to follow through and now predict the Impacted Config Item the email is about. This extends the original AML Experiments as it once again is built around you, your organization, and your data. That means regardless if you're using:

    • stock Service Manager (SCSM) classes
    • imported Operations Manager (SCOM) classes
    • Cireson Asset Management
    • ANY 3rd party management packs
    • or even your own in house developed management packs/Config Items for SCSM/SCOM

    The connector can automatically relate the Impacted Config Item on New Incidents or Service Requests. Just like before, all you need to get started is a CSV of Work Items and their Affected Config Items. And of course - the Github wiki has a detailed walk-through alongside all the SQL queries you need to get started. Spare your Analysts the paperwork, improve your reporting and realize Service Manager's true CMDB potential with Machine Learning today!

    A few long standing bugs were addressed in this release as well a few around default Multi-Mailbox functionality (thanks @Ryan_Kennedy1!), visual only bugs when Multi-Mailbox isn't used, and edge cases with the Merge Replies functionality.

    Lastly -

    • I am looking for testers for those running their workflow mailbox in Office 365 to try out OAuth functionality per the steps laid out over here.
    • 1 other feature almost made it into this release, but we'd like some validation from those using the connector first. The ability to submit work on behalf of others using a [for] keyword. Does the proposed implementation work for you? Give a thumbs up, thumbs down, or leave a response on the issue.
    • Willing to help try and repro an issue on Dynamic Analyst Assignment?
    • Are you doing something creative with the connector you think everyone should know about? Reporting? Custom Actions? No process is too small, so let's hear about it!
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