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Configuration Manager Day 2017

Deep Dive into the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager

Jump into some of the features that allow you to really understand the Configuration Manager Portal, such as the architecture, how the Portal and native Console interact, as well as the security involved to help you control who can do what, and more.

Top 5 Security Configuration Manager Best Practices

Thoughts for consideration for five different aspects of the Configuration Manager implementation to help you feel more at ease and secure. Topics include how to: secure the site infrastructure, secure accounts used by Configuration Manager, lock down your admins who use the Configuration Manager Console, and how to secure Configuration Manager clients.

Microsoft InTune – An Overview

See a brief introduction and overview of Microsoft Intune in Azure. We will demonstrate an architectural walk through and demonstration of Intune capabilities both in the cloud and on premise. Lastly, we will show how you can automate the tracking of your mobile devices through Cireson Asset Management.

Automation of the Cireson Portal for ConfigMgr, Azure, and the Desktop

Join us for a demonstration of the capabilities of Cireson’s CMP when paired with Configuration Manager and the power of automation. Learn how you can access desktop applications directly from the CMP as well as trigger simple, and complex automation workflows in the cloud directly from your Console.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Are you still running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 in your environment, but considering migrating to Windows 10? Not sure what to consider as you plan for the migration? Not sure whether to do an OS replacement or upgrade? All these questions will be discussed throughout the session, with demonstrations of the process that you may want to follow as you move into the world of “Windows as a Service”.

Understanding and Implementing Patch Management

Learn various best practices and common questions associated with Patch Management. See a live demo in action of setup, configuration, as well as testing and deployment phases.
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