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NA - What’s New in the Cireson Portal for Configuration Manager with Wally Mead

IT MonkeyIT Monkey O.G.
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Check out new productivity-boosting features and the free community edition for viewing information on the fly. We’ll explore remote tools enhancements, the included installer, and take a deep dive into Commence, a quick and intuitive template-based imaging experience outside of the native Console. We’ll also showcase the new free community version of the Portal, which allows teams to view information on the fly, without the need of the native Console.
Quick and easy installation with the included installer 
Remote Tools performance improvements, including the ability to create a new tab and trigger remote services via post request 
Control the entire imaging experience from any client machine without relying on the native Configuration Manage Console 
Free community edition of the Portal, for viewing information including computers, users, software, and computer inventory summary
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